Brighton Visit - Casual Winter Outfit - Universal Works Chore Jacket Test by Bartosz Gajec

On my day off I visited Brighton. It was a chilly but sunny day and I was able to chill on the beach. I wandered around west site of the city which is residential filled with beautiful victorian and georgian houses with walls painted white. It is quieter part of Brighton and really spectacular as it is located on the hill overlooking the city centre and beach.

I chose to dress comfortably, casually of course and warm. The trip was a first test for my new wool chore jacket and it passed the test positively. In fact I really love the jacket, the look and the cut. It is shorter than most of chore jacket I know but gives more room in chest and shoulder area. I have to admit that this is perfect fit for me as most of the brands tend to cut their jackets in size small or xs too long and tight in chest area. One thing I will change is the material. It begs for full weight scottish wool! Instead Universal Works chose to use thin wool blend material. 

On Cs:

Jacket: Melton Jacket by

Jeans: Selvedge Denim by

Boots: 'Andy' Monkey Boots on off white platform by

Jumper: Wool by


Bag: Tote by

Winter's Cold and Misty Essentials by Bartosz Gajec

On CS:

Filson & Levi's collaboration trucker waxed waterproofed jacket

Malle London John Hybrid Backpack - in waxed and waterproofed cotton material

All Saints Razor Skinny Jeans

Wolverine 1000 Mile Boots

On CS:

Folk Clothing Mac Rain Coat

Lee Selvedge Denim Jacket (under mac coat)

All Saints Razor Skinny Jeans

Grenson Ryan Boots

Moscot NYC Sunglasses

Light Folk Mac Coat by Bartosz Gajec

Another of my hunting treasures this time light mac coat from Folk! This is the model from 2012 collection but still the design is very original and rare.

Lots of cool detail like leather neck strap, white waist string, brown bottoms etc. Cotton shell and light blue body warmer vest which is detachable.

All with blue jeans, green jumper, brown Wolverine boots and brown gloves very tone down and natural.

On Cs: Mac by Folk, Jumper by Ralph Lauren, Skinny Levi's 510 jeans, Wolverine 1000 mile boots, Filson backpack.