Bartosz Gajec is a snob.
A snob who is addicted to perfection, to minimalism and most of all to fashion and design in the men's world.
He spent part of his life wearing a suit to work. He couldn’t understand why, as an architect and designer. The suit became heavier and heavier with passing time.
Bartosz dresses casually now, he calls it ‘Sartorial Elegance’.
…but going back to the beginning…
Growing up in a communist city of Central Europe, he developed a desire to set himself apart from the grey crowd who dressed the same and thought the same. This feeling bloomed when as a teenager, he and his best friends started to buy and sell western European and American clothing on a black market in a Jewish part of a very old city.
After graduation he moved to NYC where he found a home for few years, renting a small flat in a very vibrant area of Brooklyn called Williamsburg. There he focused on creation and design. There also he understood that classical and modern design could be put together/coexist in harmony.  
Now he is based in East London where he found himself a home and an endless resource of inspirations for his design, fashion and bike projects.
He is the man behind Casual Snob sharing his thoughts and inspirations about style, design and all those crazy things (that women call ‘toys’) men love and cherish.
This is his blog, where he creates, shares, and hopefully inspires.