In Black by Bartosz Gajec

My favorite colour to wear is black, brown and blue. I tend to wear all black a lot, I just feel very comfortable in that colour. I then contrast finishes of leather, textured jumper and smooth jeans.

I found this leather biker jacket on eBay and bought it on an impulse as I did not know the brand. I liked that design is so similar to Lewis Leathers but without a big price tag. The Brand is called Izzue and it is located in Hong Kong. Someone basically bought the jacket in Asia and bring it here, decided that actually he/she did not like it and sold me...So now I own a quite original jacket that you can't buy in UK. EBay is full of these kind of treasures, you just need to research a bit.

The fit was right for slim fit small size but unfortunately sleeves were too long so I had to give them to my tailor located in Bricklane to shorten sleeves as well as slim them a bit. I also removed waist belts with buckles as I do not like them, heading towards more simplistic and minimal look of the jacket. I do love the cool zip detail on one of the sleeves. See results yourself.

On: Izzue leather biker jacket, Uniqlo turtle neck jumper, Levi's 510, Knapp boots, Rayban 2140 sunglasses.