Barbour International & Triumph Thruxton by Bartosz Gajec

Bike's season is unfortunately over for me this year, my beloved baby (Triumph Thruxton) will soon be garaged for winter time, in some respect you could call it a winter sleep.

Before I thought I will share with you one of my bike outfits which is really good for autumn/winter season as it will keeps you warm, dry and still stylish. I do care about protection on the bike as much as style and quality of outfit I wear.

Jacket: Barbour International Jacket - used notoriously by Steve Mcqueen when racing back in his prime and there is a reason for that as it is wind and waterproof. Material is hand waxed thick cotton with tartan lining, brass zip/clips, waist belt and neck strap. Sizing is generous so for proper fit I suggest to wear a size smaller than your usual. I wear size 32 which is equivalent to xs.

I usually wear a denim or leather jacket under my Barbour International which provides additional protection on the bike as well as it looks really cool when unzipped off the bike - I am a fan of layered clothing. On one of my upcoming blog articles I will show few examples of my interpretation of layered clothing.

Similar jackets are also produced by Belstaff with cool design and proper protection although sizing is quite generous so i.e. size small is far too big for me. When I will get a chance and Belstaff will lend me one then I will review it here.

Now get on the bike, be warm, dry and stylishly safe!