American Heritage - Levi's Filson / by Bartosz Gajec

Filson. Levi's. Wolverine

I have to admit American's know how to design high quality casual outwear. The design is pure and minimal.

Filson collaborated with Levi's to produce waterproofed wax jacket based on their classical design. The result is truly amazing and authentic. I love the jacket so I wear it often but what is even better it just gets better with time! I did receive a jar of wax with the jacket so I can re-wax it anytime I want and process is quite easy.

Filson/Levis is a slim fit jacket, really well balanced so sits in line with waist/belt and sleeves are up to the wrist, exactly how it should be. In this very rare occasion I didn't modify the jacket as it is a proper size small.

Both Barbour (from my English Heritage post) and Filson/Levi's are my wardrobe essentials.

On: Filson/Levi's wax trucker jacket, Uniqlo brown wool sweater, black Levi's 510's, Wolverine 1000mile boots, Persol 2931 sunglasses.