POKE Jacket - Collaboration with 55 Collection / by Bartosz Gajec

Every Year I am on a hunt for the perfect biker jacket. Every year I manage to find something special but not perfect. This year after 3 months of hunting and a nightmare transaction with one of the worst internet stores Anvil Motociclette from Italy (avoid at all cost!) I found jacket which I believe is close to perfection - from Barcelona's based store 55 Collection.

Model of the jacket is POKE and design is the combination of traditional british quilted details on arms, elbows and back with modern approach to classical biker cafe racer jacket produced usually by brands like Schott, Vanson or vintage Brimaco. It is made from handcrafted Italian leather with red quilted lining. 

Full of cool details like studs above chest zips, 2 way front zip, elasticated sides, quilted crash points, zipped cuffs and more...It comes with EU certified D30 Level 2 body armour - so style and safety too.

I have it for about 2 weeks and I love the feel of the jacket, how it fits and most of all the style.

I hope to own another jacket from 55 Collection with a different style and as soon as I will be able to get it I will share my thoughts on it as well.

Link to POKE jacket: