Broadway Market Street - Started my True Love for London - Part 1 / by Bartosz Gajec

"...when a man is tired of London, he is tired of life...' Samuel Johnson

I love London, I love East London even more, if that makes sense. I found here my place on Earth, my home and it seems like I'm almost addicted to this place...It is like a heroin to me, I inhale every moment in here, stop the time and enjoy! Even on the Underground in a rush hour! This place is so full of possibilities, you could be here anyone you want and if you have a talent there is no better place on earth to explore it! Most people cannot understand my devotion to this city, they all complaining how London is a strange place, how life is so hard in here, how lonely they feel. They all spend long time talking about leaving this place soon as they can't develop their career or achieve what they want but time past by and they are still here...complaining! Me? I just want them to shut and quote S. Johnson!

London for me is an endless adventure that started in 2006 on Broadway Market Street.

Broadway Market Street now on Market day (the Saturday) approached from Regents Canal: