IWC Mark XVI modification / by Bartosz Gajec

IWC Mark XVI as sold in stores, standard OEM.

IWC Mark XVI Modified in PS.

IWC Mark XVI modified in PS to show different crown used usually in big IWC pilot watches. Original Mark XVI is a very simple yet elegant design, some almost could say that it is quite boring.

I was one of those people thinking that this watch is missing something, now when I own one I think that design balance is just right as I lost interest in big 'show off' pilot watches and coming back to the basics.

This of course didn't stop me from thinking how this 39mm size watch could look with a different 'cone' crown which I always admired on different IWC watch models. The result is shown on the second photo.

I have to admit that result is very satisfying for me so I am thinking to do this basic modification once I will source the crown. 

I will post photos of my watch modified in real once exercise is completed.