News on Redchurch Street - 'Mast Brothers Chocolate Makers' opened the store! / by Bartosz Gajec

For all chocolate addicts (me included) hear this: There is a new chocolate store and it is fantastic! 'Mast Brothers Chocolate Makers' just opened on Redchurch Street in East London!

There is a neon behind a glazed shopfront, above full bags of something saying 'Mast Brothers is making chocolate here' and it is true as they are not only selling the chocolate there but they are also making a chocolate there. Behind raised display tables filled with very pricey chocolate bars (8 or 8.5GBP per bar) is a glazed wall and behind it cylinders and full equipment for chocolate preparation. All for display, all for a casual visitor to see and experience while sipping a hot chocolate with a chocolate bar - some could call it a perfect sugar rush!

This store is unlike any other stores you've ever seen before, it is like a different planet and if you love chocolate and you can afford it then this place is must to see.

While I was taking a photos of chocolates and interiors mr.Ralph Fiennes was there, pleasantly and enjoyably drinking his hot chocolate and chatting with random people. I had no heart of taking a photo of him as he tried as hard as possible to mingle invisibly between a crowd of people but unsuccessfully as there were many folks taking a photo of him when all he wanted was a heavenly tasteful hot chocolate and peace.  

So all chocolate addicts you have now a new destination!

More info HERE.