Redchurch Street - Independent Fashion Designers, Galleries, Coffee roasters - magical & Vibrant Street / by Bartosz Gajec

Located in Shoreditch, between Shoreditch High Street and Bethnal Green Road/Bricklane.

Views above are of Redchurch Street towards West from Bricklane side. 

When I started to visit Redchurch Street 7 years ago it was a very sleepy and quite street with few galleries, 2 pubs and small offices. My favourite there was a Redchurch bar with very cool atmosphere, interesting people and very well chosen music on Friday and Saturday nights. Sadly this bar is gone and replaced with 'trying to be fancy' bar with the same name but with totally plastic interiors, people and atmosphere concentrated only on squeezing last dime from your pocket. I truly miss that low key bar from few years ago, there are not many like those left in East London.

Now this street is full of new cool independent fashion design, interior design and accessories shops,  contemporary galleries, hair stylists like the one above called 'Radio'. This is a really amazing East London destination for Sunday morning/evening to shop, relax, have a coffee or meal in one of 3 magical places (Franze & Evans, All Press, Cafe Ozone - Coffee Roasters). 

'Labour and Wait' Store on Redchurch Street - original and minimal interior is filled with useful designer's accessories and clothings. Stop by and check it out!