Fantastic Design! Introducing Folk Coat / by Bartosz Gajec

Folk products are unpretentious, high quality and minimal...

This is my first coat from this label and instantly my favorite one, I tend to wear it almost every day. 

The coat is very well tailored, made from high quality wool with cool and very original design of front pockets which are hold by a leather strap.  Beautiful detailing + stitching are usually hidden which results in a smooth and seamless look of the coat.

Sizing is their own starting from 1 (XS) ending on 6 (XXL).

Few Facts:

Folk was founded in 2001 by Scottish designer Cathal McAteer, offering high quality wardrobe staples characterised by considered detail. Rather than being led by seasonal trends, Folk clothing focuses on finding the perfect shape, colour and fabric for each piece, ensuring Folk menswear carries a distinct brand identity without compromising on their classic and wearable style.

Available on: Folk ClothingEnd.