Casually Casual - Mac & Nike Pegasus 89 All Black / by Bartosz Gajec

I have to admit that I rarely wear trainers in winter time. It is really hard to find a trainers to match well with coat or mac as it is a very thin line between looking cool and ridiculous - in my opinion at least.

I read once in some article that if you dress up then look at the mirror and think that it is possibility that you look ridiculous then there is a big chance that you look ridiculous! I use this motto personally as I am a fan of minimal yet sophisticated design, the one that you need to really focus to notice it. Not flashy, not 'I'm centre of the universe, look at me everyone' style!

I like Nike Pegasus 89 all black trainers as they or so versatile, so minimal that I could wear it easily with either mac, parka or even a winter coat. Simple all black upper on a white base, you can't go wrong with that set up!