Mujjo - Cool Danish Design to house your Macbook Air & Pro / by Bartosz Gajec

Mujjo cares about the quality of their products as well as for design. No wonder as company is based in Denmark, country known for their beautiful and minimal design.

Their case designed to house Macbook Air or Pro is a mix of traditional materials and contemporary yet minimal design. Dark grey thick felt material protects your Macbook and it is smartly contrasted with vegetable-tanned leather.

Design of the case is practical and very stylish at the same time so if you really love your Macbook and you care about style of your accessories then this is definately case for you.

One down side is that Mujjo do not produce full range of cases for your beloved gadgets i.e. they have on offer very nice leather sleeve for Iphone 6 but you can't have it for Iphone 6 Plus!

Available HERE if you're interested.