Wolverine 1000mile Boots / by Bartosz Gajec

There are not many people in UK who knows about American brand called Wolverine and only couple of stores in London where you could buy 1000mile Wolverine Boots. One store on Bricklane sells them for almost 400GBP where in US you could buy them for around 250-350$. More popular American brand in UK is Red Wing, obviously.

Rare they are no doubt but worth researching and investing as they are looking amazing, handmade which means great quality and soft but very strong leather which will last forever. As usual with great quality items they do look better with time.

Great colour scheme ranging from beige through deep browns (browns are really beautiful as shown on images below) to black with contrasting sole.

Sizing is generous i.e. I am usually size UK7/7.5 and I ordered size UK6.5 from Wolverine and they are half size too big - something to keep in mind.