2010 Triumph Thruxton Modified - Cafe Racer / by Bartosz Gajec

Here is the Triumph Thruxton from 2010 modified and re-designed by me. No engine modifications except the exhaust, only cosmetical changes.

Last 3 images shows new bike as I received it straight from the factory, without any modifications.

Other images shows modified bike with detail close-ups for your attention.

Theme brown/black/brushed stainless steel. I removed all unnecessary original components for clean look as well as most of polished chrome components to tone down the bike. My idea was to create a proper, crisp and minimal naked bike based on the famous Triumph Thruxton.

Modifications are:

1. Exhaust - 2 in 2 Arrow stainless steel brushed silencers with pipes which requires engine mapping. Additionally I've changed OEM arrow buffles to custom made shorter buffles with bigger outlet hole for better sound (made in Holland).

2. Mirrors - CRG split-lane mirrors, made in US, fully foldable. High quality and cool design, highly recommended.

3. Handlebar - OEM powder-coated black.

4. Grips - brown by Japanese brand Posh.

5. Front light - bowl powder-coated black.

6. Seat - brown seat made by Sixty8.

7. Rear fender eliminator - made by Italian company MAS with Lucas style 525 LED rear light from US based store Dime Cycles.

8. Indicators - aluminium high quality LED indicators by UK brand Oberon Performance.

9. Tank cap - by Triumph, lockable.  (Recommended brushed  aluminium Monza cap).

10. Front wheel fender - custom short fender purchased on eBay.