COS Coat - Minimalism - New 2014 Collection / by Bartosz Gajec

2 days ago, while Christmas shopping I make myself a present in a form of a coat. I've never own COS before as I wasn't sure if I like the brand but this coat's design, fit and quality caught my attention. Colour is also brilliant, dark grey which is perfect to mix with black and all shades of brown. Design is so minimal with hidden pockets and buttons, so much to my taste, that I couldn't resist.

Sizing is regular, more on slim fit side.

Below are some images of the coat I took right before going out to work. Days are so short now that either I have to do photos right before I leave to work or at lunch I complain? It is what it is and honestly I do like the time right before Christmas as I am so full of ideas and hopes for next year.

Give yourself a little Merry Christmas gift to celebrate end of 2014 and start of 2015!

On me: COS wool coat, brown wool Uniqlo jumper, black skinny jeans, really cool Massimo Dutti ankle boots (collection 2014).