Christmas Party Season - waistcoat, mustache and hat / by Bartosz Gajec

As Christmas time officially kicks in with lot's of theme parties scheduled I thought I will share my yesterday's party outfit. I was growing beard for full 2 weeks which I shaved day before a party leaving Clark Gable's style mustache.

I teamed it with Christie's trilby hat, Uniqlo wool blazer, All Saints wool waistcoat, vintage Omega pocket watch on silver chain from 1911, All Saints skinny chinos and very rare Knapp black leather boots from 1940's which I sourced from US eBay.


Christie's is an traditional English hat manufacturer with long history of producing hat's for gentlemen, high quality and hand made.

Knapp was US working shoe manufacturer who bankrupt in 1980's but is one of my favorite shoe brands. I was lucky to source few pairs of new/old stock Knapp shoes and boots and I truly love them. Big bonus is that I am pretty sure that no one else own the same pair in London. 

All Saints you all are probably familiar with but to make sure it is a British brand which started in Spitalfields in London and now have stores around the world. I occasionally like their design, especially old pieces where they care about fit and quality. Now price tag raised and quality dropped, this is what happened when a brand go global.